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Founder Message


I updated the ‘About Us’ section because experts suggested it’s important. They said it’s good for people to know who owns the page, so I added a picture of myself and my contact number. This helps build trust because now people can see who’s behind the work. Before, I used to assist anonymously, but some people were hesitant due to trust issues. So, this time, I decided to do it professionally. Please keep trusting our platform and let’s work together to assist those in need.

I am Usama Najeeb, the founder of ‘Leadstech.’ Under the umbrella of ‘Leadstech,’ I personally analyzed and developed a digital platform named ‘RedDropleads’ “It was founded on October 23, 2022, and launched on August 28, 2023.”, dedicated to the cause of blood donation. With a passion for making a meaningful impact on society, I embarked on this journey to bridge the gap between those in need of vital blood and the generous souls willing to donate it. Guided by the belief that every drop of donated blood holds the power to assist a person in need, I have diligently worked to create a digital platform that connects donors, recipients, and organizations, fostering a community of compassion and care. Through this website, our aim is not only to provide a seamless and efficient way to facilitate blood donations but also to raise awareness about the profound significance of this selfless act.

Besides my religious beliefs, I’m also trying to find ways to give meaning to my life in different ways. I hope we can all see this platform as something meaningful in our lives. I invite you to join me in this mission to turn ‘RedDropleads’ into a lifeline, where humanity comes together to make a difference one drop at a time.

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A Different Perspective on the expression ‘Lifesaving’

When we talk about saving lives through blood donation, it's essential to remember that life itself can only be saved by the will of Allah. While the term "lifesaving" is commonly used, it's important to recognize that humans are not the ultimate saviors of life, but rather instruments through which Allah's mercy manifests.
To ensure that credit is given where it is due, we can choose an alternative term instead of "lifesaving." Though we understand that even this new term doesn't imply that humans save lives independently, it aligns with our belief in giving all credit to Allah, the true source of life.
Additionally, we should be mindful of how our words might impact the person who receives the donated blood. When we say we "saved" a life, the person might feel indebted to us, thinking we did them a favor. However, it is crucial to remember that we all belong to Allah and are His property. If we have done anything good, we should acknowledge that it is Allah who chose us to be His means of assistance.

The Beginning

Introduction of RedDropLeads

REDDROPLEADS is an innovative platform that aims to connect blood donors with individuals in need of blood transfusions. Our website provides a user-friendly interface for blood donors to register themselves and for those in need to find potential donors of matching blood types. By streamlining the process of blood donation and request, REDDROPLEADS strives to make a significant impact on improving well-being and fostering a healthier community.

The Origin

The Birth of the REDDROPLEADS

The idea behind the REDDROPLEADS project emerged from a personal experience and a deep desire to provide support to those in need of blood transfusions.
It all started when I realized that we cannot be by someone's side our whole life and assist them whenever they need assistance.
As soon as I realized that, a thought occurred to me, What if someone is far from us and requires assistance? This time, it's not us who can help or do something for them.

For instance, someone might be in a different location while I am in another. At that moment, the blood recipient needs help searching for their blood type.
Unfortunately, you might not be able to assist them because you're not in the same location as the blood recipient, and you might not even know people in the blood recipient's location. When the blood recipient was nearby, you could easily search for the required blood type.
This led to the idea of building connections worldwide through blood donors and communities.

This approach will facilitate easy connections for those in need, regardless of their location.
The platform will digitally connect donors and communities with individuals in need of blood transfusions.
People in need can easily help themselves through this platform.
Once this digital platform becomes globalized, the connections we establish will enhance searches and simplify the process of finding blood types for anyone.

Driven by the urge to make a direct impact, I took the initiative a few years ago and created a page specifically dedicated to AB- blood group donors. Although I managed to gather a pool of potential donors for AB- blood types, I soon discovered that connecting them with individuals in need was far from simple due to a lack of awareness.

Determined to overcome this hurdle, I decided to take a step further and develop a platform that could streamline the process of connecting blood donors and those in need. My goal was not only to create a convenient way for individuals to find suitable blood donors but also to spread awareness about the profound impact a single blood donation can have on someone’s life. I wanted to bring people together, encouraging them to join hands and contribute to the noble cause.

With this vision in mind, REDDROPLEADS was born. The project aims to create a centralized platform where blood donors can easily register themselves, and individuals in need can find potential donors of matching blood types. Together, let us unite in this endeavor to donate blood, spread awareness, and extend support to those who require it. It is our collective effort that will make a lasting impact and provide hope for those in need. Let us make a difference, one blood drop at a time.

Features and Functionality

Donor Registration

Blood donors can easily register themselves on our website by providing their personal information, contact details, and blood type. Donors can also specify their availability and preferences for blood donation, such as frequency and preferred locations.

Blood Type Search

Individuals in need of blood can visit our website and search for potential donors based on their required blood type. The search functionality allows users to filter results by location, availability, and other relevant criteria.

Contact and Request

Once the desired blood type and potential donors are identified, users can directly contact the donors through the website. The donor's phone number will be provided, allowing users to send messages or call them directly, ensuring a fast and effective way to communicate.

Feedback and Rating System

Users can provide feedback and rate their experiences with donors to ensure transparency and build a trustworthy community. This system encourages accountability and recognition for donors who actively contribute to the cause.

Benefit of RedBloodLeads Platform

Easy Access

We provides a centralized platform where individuals can easily access a pool of potential blood donors, eliminating the need for extensive searching or relying solely on personal connections.

Timely Response

With the streamlined communication process, individuals in need can quickly contact donors, improving the chances of receiving timely blood transfusions.

Community Building

The feedback and rating system fosters a sense of community and encourages donors to continue their valuable contributions, ultimately improving the well-being of those in need.

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