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Please Note:

We’re grateful for your commitment to blood donation. You might receive requests for support even after recent donations and before the recommended 2 to 3-month wait.

Please understand that updating your latest donation date via “Contact Us” form reduces unwanted communication but might not fully prevent outreach. Kindly approach such requests with empathy and patience.

If you get a call for blood donation before the 2-3 month waiting period is over, please help find an alternative donor. Your guidance matters in critical times, and your generosity leaves a lasting community impact. Thank you for your understanding and kindness.

Thank you for being the vital support that our community relies on.

Prior to connecting you with a donor, we’ll request their hospital name and file number.

It’s equally important for you to verify the blood requester’s credentials through their hospital/clinic name, file number, and by contacting their hospital/clinic before proceeding with your blood donation

With gratitude,


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